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Aquafil by Econyl

Nylon 100% from Waste Instead of Oil

Offering up to a 90% reduction in global warming potential compared to nylon made from raw materials, ECONYL® is already used by more than 2,000 leading design and fashion brands worldwide.

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Turning Waste into Fashion
and Interior Solutions

ECONYL® uses  discarded nylon from landfills, the oceans, and other waste streams as a raw ingredient in regenerated nylon, rewriting the story of nylon fabrics.


Introducing Delos Technicolor

The Technicolor Collection celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Aquafil's ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon.

Getting Interiors to Net Zero 


Interior design is a new frontier for lowering carbon emissions. Learn about what it will take for us to get to Net Zero Interiors. 



Explore the Endless Possibilities of ECONYL® 


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Featured Products Made with ECONYL® Yarn

neocon-20191 copy
Explore the Endless Possibilities at NeoCon. Join us in celebrating 10 years of paving the way to a more sustainable future with ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Visit our showroom 11-107.

Sustainable Product Spotlight


See how Econyl by Aquafil used regenerated nylon to create the noho move™ chair.



"Sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a way of thinking, a way of being, a principle we must be guided by" — Guilio Bonazzi, Chairman, Aquafil Group


Giulio Bonazzi, Aquafil’s Chairman and CEO is a relentless innovator. In 2011, after four years of tireless research and development, Giulio’s dream of producing nylon 100% from waste became a reality with the ECONYL® regeneration system.

For more than 50 years, Aquafil has led the way for doing business with sustainability and circular economy at the core of its values and development strategy.



Guilio Bonazzi

Are you a designer looking to use ECONYL® regenerated nylon in your product or looking to create the next circular product?

Or maybe you are a manufacturer looking for a more sustainable material. We can help.

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